Terms and Conditions – Mark Sumpter Glazing Ltd (MSG)

By purchasing from MSG you are entering into a legally binding contract and the following terms and conditions apply:

A contract with you is formed at the time of making your appointment with us.  Any payment made during your appointment booking will be held until we start work on your vehicle, once the work is completed MSG will retain your payment made to us and deduct it from any further balance required.

Our contract is with you the motorist or owner of the vehicle. You agree to pay us the amount specified on the Invoice for our services. MSG reserves the right to cancel our contract at any time.

If our work is the subject of a claim on an insurance policy and you are not the policyholder, you acknowledge that your dealings with us are made with the full authority of the policyholder.

A service is provided to you, by appointment and location, agreed by both parties, subject to weather conditions, unless you have satisfactory cover for the vehicle acceptable by the technician who will be undertaking the work on the day.  If conditions are unsuitable, we will not carry out the work. Appointments are re-booked at the earliest convenient time for both parties.

We shall perform, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement the repair and / or replacement of vehicle glass. 

MSG does not accept any liability for financial loss for any of the following circumstances:

  • A pre-inspection of your vehicle will be carried out by the technician, to check that the glass damage, has not damaged another part of the vehicle within our working area only.   Where pre-existing damage is found we will notify you, we will not be liable to rectify any pre-existing damage.
  • Our technician will advise you if a repair is possible, there is no guarantee on the appearance of a repair, some damage may be visible from the repair, this is very normal.  Our aim is to restore the original strength of your windscreen. Automotive glass repairs that are carried out by us are at your risk and in the event of a repair cracking out or spreading during the repair you will not hold us liable for any compensation having deemed that we have attempted to repair an already damaged windscreen.  In the event of a repair spreading or failing, you are to call MSG and we will quote for a replacement screen.  If our technician notices a crack during repair, he will advise you of this and  you must acknowledge this risk that MSG will not be held financially responsible should you wish to go ahead with the repair only. 
  • If the glass needs replacing, an additional amount needs to be paid, MSG will provide a quotation for this. 
  • Once your windscreen has been replaced, the technician will advise you on the safe drive away time.
  • MSG will not accept liability if you move your vehicle before the drive away time or remove any tape before the drive away time.
  • MSG will not accept liability on repairs for damaged window motors in doors, rain sensors, light sensors, wiper motors etc.
  • Where MSG have supplied the glass and have carried out the replacement, we will provide full cover in the event of damage.  
  • In the event of you sourcing and supplying the glass for your vehicle and requesting us to fit this glass, MSG will not be held liable for any compensation or damage if during attempting to fit the glass, we have found this unsuitable for your vehicle and this results in either damage to your vehicle or the glass supplied is damaged during fitting.
  • A vehicle that has corrosion, it will be advised to you by our technician and we may refuse to work on the vehicle or if you ask us to continue fitting the glass, we will not accept any liabilities for failure or damage to the glass or your vehicle.
  • If a wiper arm oxidises to the wiper spindle due to lack of maintenance, we will not be held responsible for any damage caused.

If you wish to claim for a repair/replacement on your insurance, you must have comprehensive car insurance you may be liable for the first portion of your claim (the “excess”). The exact amount of the excess will be specified in your insurance policy. Unless you have already paid the excess to us, you must pay the excess at the time of completion of the vehicle glass repair and / or the vehicle glass replacement.

If you and your insurer have authorised us to do so we will seek payment of our fee directly from your insurer on your behalf and you hereby authorise us to do so. If, for whatever reason (including, for example, where we have indicated to you on behalf of the insurer that your claim will be paid by the insurer) your insurer refuses to pay, you will be liable for our fee.

If there is no credit account billing arrangement in place, payment is due on completion of work carried out unless otherwise agreed.

All prices include fitting but exclude additional trims and clips that may be required.

MSG retains the title in all goods supplied until full payment is received and has the right to remove goods that have been fitted if payment is not made in full.

Certain vehicles now have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) cameras mounted on their windscreen. Manufacturers specify that ADAS cameras require recalibration following replacement of the vehicle’s windscreen. MSG do NOT undertake ADAS recalibration and you will need to visit your local dealer to have this performed.

We guarantee workmanship of our fitting only (not glass or any goods supplied) for a lifetime warranty upon successful completion of the repair for the duration of vehicle ownership. This covers failure of our repair for any reason other than further impact or deliberate sabotage.  To make a claim under this warranty, please call us to enable us to rectify our Services. We will not be liable for the cost of third parties rectifying our Services.

These Terms are governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of England, Scotland and Wales and you agree to the jurisdiction of the English, Scottish and Welsh courts.